Allen Law Experience


Between the partners and key personnel, Allen & Associates, L.L.P. has over 75 collective years of experience in all facets of the energy business.  We have worked title everywhere in Texas. As our firm has grown, our title work has expanded in states beyond Texas, including: Oklahoma, North Dakota, Ohio, New Mexico, and Wyoming.  At Allen & Associates, L.L.P., we possess a wealth of knowledge regarding a variety of formations and our attorneys have assisted clients in all aspects of numerous shale developments.

  1.  Rendering of Drilling Title Opinions, Division Order Title Opinions, Acquisition Title Opinions, Leasehold Title Opinions and Banking Title Opinions.
  2. Representation of clients for receivership leases; and providing expert oil, gas and mineral law testimony.
  3.  Drafting and Recordation of Contracts, Leases, Assignments, Amendments, Stipulations, Farmout Agreements, Joint Operating Agreements, Pooling Agreements, and Unitization Agreements.
  4.  A broad range of services including: Seismic Permitting, Right-of-Way Procurement, and Due Diligence.
  5. Working on title projects and rendering title opinions in six (6) states.
  6. Assisting clients in mapping acreage and creating horizontal shale units in several states.
  7.  We have never allowed young, unseasoned attorneys to work on title independently or remotely.
  8. All of our attorneys are fully employed by our firm. We never contract our legal work out to uninsured, remote work-from-home contractors for any of our client’s legal work.
  9. We maintain malpractice liability coverage of $1,000,000.00/$1,000,000.00. We have had no claims and no close calls in our 22 years of practice.
  10. For legal review of runsheet instruments, we average 80 or more instruments reviewed per day.
  11. We are accountable and ethical in our billing. Compare the volume of work in one of our workdays versus those of our competition. We review more instruments and process more tracts on a day-to-day basis.
  12. Typical turnaround time for a title opinion covering an individual Texas tract, section or ranch is typically 30-45 days from receiving a runsheet. We are able to provide expedited title opinions, sometimes in a matter of days, at no extra charge to you.
  13. We do not charge for any of the following: clerical and administrative time, faxes, telephone calls, or e-mails to clients, and we never will!
  14. We continue to strive to implement cost saving measures for the benefit of our clients

All out-of-pocket expenses incurred will be charged in addition to the agreed hourly billing rate. Invoices are rendered upon completion and with the work performed. Your specialized billing requirements as to the form and information required on the invoice will be accommodated.

A. Negotiated on behalf of our clients for the sale of approximately 600,000 total acres.

B. Performed all P.S.A. document drafting related due diligence on many major transactions involving the acquisition of other operating companies or assets.

C. Assisted clients in the installation of an extraction facility for the removal of liquids from natural gas.

D. Completed title examinations on over 20,000 tracts.