Allen Law Experience


allen-law-llp-about-our-firmBetween the partners and key personnel, Allen & Associates, L.L.P. has over 50 collective years of experience in all facets of the energy business.  We have worked title everywhere in Texas from Rio Grande City in the South to Fort Worth in the North, and from Jasper in the East to the New Mexico border in the West. As our firm has grown, our practice has expanded to include title work in states beyond Texas, including: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, New Mexico, and Utah.  At Allen & Associates, L.L.P., we possess a wealth of knowledge regarding a variety of formations and our attorneys have assisted clients in all aspects of numerous shale developments.


  • Negotiated on behalf of our clients for the sale of approximately 600,000 acres of Eagle Ford Shale.
  • Performed all mineral related due diligence on many major transactions involving the acquisition of other operating companies.
  • Assisted clients in the installation of an extraction facility for the removal of liquids form natural gas.
  • Represented the largest developer of the Marcellus Shale formation.
  • Completed title examinations on over 15,000 projects.
  • Currently working on several title projects and rendering title opinions in several major acquisitions in five (5) states.
  • Currently assisting clients in mapping acreage and creating horizontal shale units in several states.