Since Allen & Associates is a diverse institution we share a common firm culture in the pursuit of excellence in our practice of law and preservation of a collegial and cooperative atmosphere. We have a very special firm, comprised of exceptionally enthusiastic and effective people.Our organizational culture takes a team approach to legal work. Our attorneys frequently divide their time among several of the various plays or geographic regions. This structure encourages cross training and flexibility by our attorneys.

Many new associates wish to gain exposure to a variety of legal experiences before beginning to focus on one area/play. We do not have a formal rotation and incoming associates are initially assigned to one of the geographic areas based on their skills and interests and the Firm’s needs.

We take a long-term, proactive, strategic approach to the development of our firm, seeking to best position ourselves to assist clients in emerging issues and areas. Today that strategy is evidenced by our being licensed to practice in multiple states where our clients are having success in their respective endeavors.