Allen & Associates - Summer Program


The Firm’s law clerk program is one of the most important parts of Allen & Associates, L.L.P. recruitment. The work assignments given to law clerks provide a variety of tasks from all areas of our practice, involving exposure to the lawyers at our firm. The projects are assigned with the goal of exposing our clerks to the full spectrum of our practice while meeting the Firm’s needs. We give our law clerks a sense of what it is like to be an associate by giving them assignments that our associates might otherwise do. It is very important for the Firm to know our law clerks well before making them offers to fill associate positions. Allen & Associates, L.L.P., is an equal opportunity employer.


Allen & Associates, L.L.P. is committed to integrating new associates into the Firm quickly. A new associate is guided by a more senior associate who serves as an advisor, monitors assignments, and offers direction on how the Firm operates. The mentor is responsible for the introductions that build the informal firm network. New associates are encouraged to select a partner or senior attorney to serve as a mentor. Mentors are reassigned periodically giving associates the ability to foster relationships and gain broader relationships throughout the Firm.

Our system encourages associates to develop skills necessary to master new responsibilities at a steady pace. To assure that growth and professional standards are maintained, the Firm conducts a comprehensive in-house training program covering a full range of lawyering skills. This program includes seminars and workshops designed specifically for new attorneys, as well as training activities open to all of our lawyers.

Each associate meets at least once quarterly with the Firm manager on the associates growth issues.

Firm associates annually receive formal evaluations on professional progress. These evaluations are based on the work performed during the prior year; the results are communicated directly to the associate. Via the evaluation process, the Firm will identify and fill gaps in professional experience and respond to the associates’ developing skills. Evaluations include a candid and careful assessment of the associate’s prospects for advancement. Decisions regarding election to partnership and counsel ordinarily are made in the sixth or seventh year with the firm.